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    Many children in South Sudan come from very poor backgrounds, you donation of $ 1 will help us keep this young ladies and gents in school and see them achieve their dreams which in turn will build peace in the nationDonate Now
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    There is nothing that unites youths as sports and especially football. Please support the young talents by your donation. By engaging in sports we promote peace as youth from different tribes meet and play together as a team. Sports is the best way out to end violence and war in the communities.Donate Now
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    Many youths in South Sudan are idle due to unemployment. We came up with an initiative to support them start small businesses to keep them busy as a way to avoid conflicts and fights. Kindly support us in this initiative.  Donate Now

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We need to use different approaches to get into the mind of the youth to unlock it. Unlocking their minds means persuading them to think like the youth of South Sudan and not the youth that is scattered in different camps with tribal ideologies.  Yes, they can be affiliated to different organizations but their thinking must be consistent with national youth development policy.

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