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Nonviolent Youth Initiative is a local peacebuilding organization registered in South Sudan to engage in peacebuilding activities. We aim to build lasting peace in a country fragmented by violent conflict through training youth across South Sudan to use a nonviolent approach as the means to address the demands and unsolved issues in the communities impacted by the conflict. We provide training in nonviolent communication, conflict resolution, mediation, and restorative justice in South Sudan.

We are motivated by the large number of youths that constitute 70% of South Sudan’s population that could be turned into peace makers for peaceful co-existence in their communities.

We also understand how the vicious cycle of violence in South Sudanese communities works and we seek to offer to the new generation’s different paths from the old ones. One of these is engaging in economic activities such as “Car Wash machine”, tailoring, carpentry, driving, metal fabrication, motivational speeches, and scholarships for young people who cannot afford to pay for their own schooling. We also provide humanitarian assistance to the families and individuals who are stuck in the cycle of poverty. We contribute to their needs to establish small acts of peace, love, and hope in their lives so as to contribute to a larger peace in South Sudan. We believe small acts of peace count.


To see a nonviolent Youth that uses nonviolent approaches to counter violence and oppression in the communities across South Sudan.


Sit, talk and resolve!




To provide training to the youth to abandon violence and use instead a nonviolent approach.
To help in mediation processes among youth and communities at large.
To provide alternative means of survival to individuals to avert violent-related conflict
To support households with funds to establish small businesses to bridge the gap through fund raising.