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Flood devastation in Bor, 2020.

The photo below was of a certain woman who was on labor pain and could not access the hospital because of floods which made roads inaccessible.

Non Violent Team found her being carried on a blanket by her close relatives heading to Bor State Hospital so they [nonviolent team] took charge of her hospital bills and she later delivered twins.

After she was discharged from the hospital, the organization raised $1,500 and bought various supplies such as mattresses, baby milk, maize flour, beans, rice, cooking oil, sugar, and many more to feed both twins and their mother. We were glad for having met with her though coincidentally. We are closely monitoring how these bouncing baby boys are and we will be informing our great friends around the world should any need arise.

We thank those that donated their money to help those two boys and most importantly, saving the life of their mother.

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