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Scholarship for ten girls to mark 16 days of activism against GBV

Girl-child education is very low in South Sudan because of the fact that boys are more valued than girls. The family is face with financial challenges, a family would prefer to pay for boy child than a girl child because boys are considered to be permanent members of the family. A girl can be married off and doesn’t worth investing in her. This culture has held and still holding millions of girls behind from reaching their potential. On 16 days of activism this year, we looked for girls who were likely to drop out in Primary Eight (8th grade) and paid for their tuition fees with help of donors to complete their primary education. They are hoping to join secondary School next year to prepare them for University after four years. They all dream to become doctors, teachers, and engineers and therefore decided invested in them. It is a small act of kindness and we hope this will take them to the next level. Action speak louder than words!

Jacob Aluong standing witth girls after paying school fees

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